Monday, July 05, 2010

Jamie's 21st Birthday Bash

Jamie's 21st Birthday Bash was held at home on Saturday night, July 3rd 2010.

Ted and Carol Kenney dropped in prior to the event to see Jamie. Carol has unfortunately injured both ankles and walks with difficulty. James Twohill's parents John and Kim came as did Bernard and Alex Young's mum, Cecelia. Jamie really appreciated seeing all these well wishers.

Initially it was quite a blokey party with the ladies lobbing in later in the piece.

Le mob despite this was very well behaved apart from Jamie's father who attempted a speech from the height of the kitchen bench after a number of tequila slammers.

This attracted howls of derision, ''gibberish'', ''unintelligible'', ''I say Charles, I think he's a touch tiddly, what?'', ''get down ya mug''. In the end his long suffering wife Denise floored him with a rugby tackle and administered his medication.

Pictures can be viewed at

I found some words

fell from each other

to form a sound, a poem of sorts,

a series of sounds.


in the haze and din of the night-time


they slipped away

being on loan for your


they did the bolt

the Harold Holt

but all that's left

is all that's best and

all I really wanted to say


We have


been blessed.

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John Twohill said...

Thanks Denise and Barry. You hosted a great 21st for Jamie. Fantastic photographs!

My remembrance of most of the evening is a little blurry, however memories of the -4 degree walk home at 3.30am will linger.

John and Kim

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