Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy Cow

The end of the day

at the barbecue

wind thrashing and heaving

like some blind animal

trapped in a slaughterhouse

shaking sensibility

order dismissed

and words

rise and billow

in bubbles bursting, blasting

and bellowing from

the belly of a bellicose cow

words like anarchy


udder and


Close the cover

contain them all


a singed word slips


letter tips smoking

and whirls away

polyglot it's not

couldn't read it

stretched as it was

to spider silk

and now the veal says

where's my mummy?

You are ...kidding....?


the steak says here,

mummy's here darling

I don't believe you...

and I heard that sausage

snigger.... hey you

what is this...??

and now the rissoles

raise a grizzle

aunty aunty...

Aunty's here darlings

says the t-bone

aunty didn't know you

in your new clothes

now don’t cry you're not to blame

it had to come to this

they feed us and fatten us,

they slaughter us

grind us and flatten us

one minute we graze

golden in green

agrarian bliss

and next we're

a hundred humongous

meal deal choices

or being flamed on a barby

by a fool like this

who imagines voices...

what goes around, comes around

in the words of we Buddhist


I was him


as he shall be me


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