Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Feast of Spring

The magpie alights at the top branch of the highest tree

his assassin eyes laser territory

at three sixty degrees snap

steel trap state of the art weaponry

trees yesterday crusifixii bones loom stark in the mist

now thrust and bud in Spring,

budding and thrusting and bursting

sun kissed and caressed

the emperor's wild wattle shouts

rejoice and bear witness

we rise from the chilly tomb of


reawakening we suck on our sun

and flex new limbs and wave

in the wind

the aroma of Daphne is angel breath pervading

the garden of Eden deep pink buds open

to small white sepals


a simple perfect beauty

The wind ripples the pond where the last duckling dives to hide

the fox snatched her brothers,

an eagle lifted her sister

and the snake struck at supper

for a Spring time feast.

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