Tuesday, March 27, 2012

National Treasure


Gina and Twiggy and Clive went a rooting
Into the ground for their root a toot tooting
''Snouts in the trough, snorting snouts in the trough''
Says Wayne ''my disdain is for snouts in the trough.''

Clive is indignant, being tainted by pigment
''He's larded the truth and glazed us with fat
A National Treasure by any lean measure
Is gilded and lauded, not lampooned like that!”

“You may envy the riches we ease out of ditches”
Says Clive “it's no crime you can whine your swan song
If you sludge us with tax we'll sue your slack backs
With more than a deena 'tween finger and thumb.

Swan the distorter would upset our order
But Murdoch and Gina and Jones on the bone
Buys public opinion, our purchased dominion
The Lord himself has appeared, for a loan.

When laid to rest in each gilded sarcophagus
Watch the finger of history poke at the lot of us.
But I tell you this, all you mugs who would moan
This National Treasure brought the bacon home.''

Swan has a point. These billionaires should pay tax
in accordance with their ever burgeoning income. 
What income?
Gina between 10 and 18 billion.
Twiggy 6.9 billion. Clive between 3 and 6 billion.
Today. No mortgages here son. No rent to scrape up next week.
Risk, what risk? No chance of penury.
These people buy media, climate sceptics,
they buy opinion, public opinion.
They should pay their share.
Employment in mining is a mere 2% of total employment in Australia
but may be less if the CIA undermines [lol] the structure
iaw Clive Palmer's loopy conspiracy theory.

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