Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Bridegroom at the Conclave

One hundred and seventeen cardinals
sit resplendent in red cope and mitre
each on his throne like a bright gold coin
minted and snug in its red satin bed

Yeshua then said - where is my shepherd
who would guard my sheep in rough cotton smock?
And what is this temple, this palace of princes 
plump with indulgence to barter Heaven,

when the Kingdom of God is within?
And where are my lilies of the valley? Where?
And the cardinals shifted in their seats and twitched
and whispered in the neighbour's ear. Who is this?

And how did he breach Security?
Can anyone vouch for him? Does he not
recognise God's Elect gathered together
to choose a successor? Does he not see..?

Yeshua then said – I am among you.
You must discard your riches and dismantle churches 
for the Kingdom of God lies within.
You must walk the earth which is your brother

and greet those you meet in peace and love.
Be humble, be filled with the Holy Spirit
for this is your gift for those without hope:
the sweetest voice in the bleakest hour.

And the cardinals shifted uncomfortably
and dipped their mitres to one another
like exotic birds in ritual courtship.
This surely is not the Bridegroom come?

No it could not be, for where are the clouds
of fire, where are the choirs of angels?
Where is our vindication,
the light from the East, the trumpet blast

of the Archangel? Peace and Love

are key measurables in our Vatican
Performance Plan, our VPP
intoned a tall mitre in prophetic depth.

We all signed up and we surely expect
an inspired result for the Holy See...
We've been doing it tough all things considered,
our Annus Horribilis turned to Decadus;
it would appear The Lord has abandoned us.

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