Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vale Chris McGloin

Vale Chris McGloin.
My dear cousin has gone. I salute him,
The world has lost his great boisterous voice.
His irrepresible spirit.
Who would bellow Bo Diddley,
a shave and a haircut, two bits
in Kinghorn Street Nowra in '66?
The line I shoot will never miss
Yeah we lunch at Leongs
Play pool at The Bridge
Make love to you babe
You can't resist
Yeah I'm a man,
I spell M

In later years of course he mellowed into grand pops, a proud grand pops, proud of his nanna, proud of his family, just a lovely big mellow, loveable grand pops, albeit with a slightly grainy disposition, at times.  

Our thoughts and love go out to dear Christine, Linda, Andy, Rik and Kell - and many thanks to Bill, Brad and Keith for all their support.

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