Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First Day of Spring - What's Happening?

The first day of spring.
The prunus, resplendent, entertains the bees and silver-eyes.
Branches are wed in impressionistic soft pink.
The magnolia raises pink chalices to azure sky.
The sweet air binds like incense.

Frogs at the pond on the Ridge come out on cue
morse coding positions and intent:
'Hear me here'
'There you are'
'Bring me your sweetest gift'
'I have it well primed and cocked.'

Abbott too is primed and cocked,
in speedos and cape to hush the infidel.
Guns by the ton will be dropped, as aid.
And Putin now is set to invade
and reminds the West of the size
and certainty of his weaponry.

Canberra Hospital will shoot any smokers
found in its grounds.
They call it expediting the process.
Guard towers to be erected,
security stepped up
sensors primed
a puff will be 'poof!' in an instant.

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