Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Canberra - Winter into Spring 2015

Overnight the long daffodil stalks
blew their yellow flowers.
Now the heads bow
in amazement.
Look how far we are!

As evening descends,
the tree beyond the pathway
is crackling with Indian Mynas
in communal roost.
Watch the birds gather
yellow beaked squadrons
perched on the power lines.
They peel off in operation
dart and disappear into the din.
The electricity of chatter
wires the tree in a cacophony
of Indian bird tongue. Is it excitement
or argument? A mating ritual?
Our neighbour Liz has a trap
bated and ready to neuter threat
to the native species.
Once captured they will be transported
to silence.
I suspect they have her measure.

The lime tree is festooned
with yellow eggs of fruit.
Overnight another scattering
will drum the earth.

Rain yesterday morning segued to a sparkling day.
On the Ridge a fox was taking a stroll and sniff,
and two roos contended in a dignified biff
while females grazed, it seemed, in indifferent display.

A brown falcon flew from tree to tree
pursued in magpie territory.

A column of small canny flies danced.
Some in the shade and some in the sun, perchance... much like us.

A male Dance Fly will lure a female to courtship
with a captured insect bound in a ball of froth.
Sometimes they present the insect unadorned.
And sometimes a male will trick a female
with a silken balloon, blown from below.
The fortunate female now distracted by the lure
will consume her nuptial gift, or consider a glistening
ball of silk, while the male will take his pleasure.
Much like us?

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