Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Australia to be renamed GUUSLAND. Hail Guus Hiddink, a man with the vision to see Oz upon the scoreboard of the World Cup. At the least the capital Canberra will be now known as Guus. “This is Peter Harvey, reporting from Guuuuus”. A Guus ticket will be entered at the next federal election. Guus for Emperor, or at least Prime Minister. John Howard will be replaced by a visionary, a man with heart, hope and faith, a man who patiently waits at the bus stop of humanity for his dream to come around the corner. A man who occasionally makes errors... (Aloisi should have gone on earlier, maybe Josh Kennedy also) but who has the generosity of spirit to appreciate the strengths and allow for the weaknesses of the human condition. A man who knows his bus is late, but will arrive. A man who is happy to have you on board. Guus be with you.

The image above of an Italian soccer player purportedly taking a dive in order to obtain a penalty i.e. acting in order to obtain an advantage - which in this particular instance won the Italians the soccer match in the last seconds of a tightly fought game against Australia ( sorry, Guusland) - is just sour grapes. Yes indeed. It is extraordinary that some disgruntled person would go so far to vent his spleen by highlighting the thespian abilities of this player, and then post it to millions around the globe. Extraordinary....

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