Thursday, August 03, 2006

Anthony McGloin plays The Merry Muse

Friday 28 July 2006 saw my bro Anthony McGloin play at the Merry Muse folk club which is held in the White Eagle Polish Club at Turner. Trevor Dunham (web site coming soon) was the main support. It was a most enjoyable performance with Trevor'’s musical excursions into gospel (a great version of "“Wade in The Water"”), blues (an impromptu "“Crossroads"”), Cajun, folk, pop, rock and probably some genres I'’ve missed. A popular performer, who brought his own audience, ha ha -– Trev has a large family who can all either play or sing very well and although Trev'’s great aunt didn'’t show up (she was probably there in spirit !!) the others more than made up for her. Son Billy was impressive with his guitar compositions, which were according to my bro Tony "“soulful"”, and played with feeling.

Trev was also accompanied by fellow musos Baz on accordion and his harp player whose name escapes me but was especially fine on an instrument which is often butchered. Trev and Baz had Anthony join them on guitar for a lovely textured version of "“All Along the Watchtower"”. Trev has an engaging personality, shows great enthusiasm and appreciates audience involvement which makes for an intimate all inclusive performance -– we all kicked a goal there at the Merry Muse!!

Trevor Dunham accompanied by Anthony on mandolin.

Anthony'’s performance was relaxed, humorous and fluid -– he was obviously enjoying the venue and audience. He mixes a number of styles which show his influences, choosing mainly from the debut Cd "“Nightflight"” which has received some excellent reviews (I think he'’s working on getting some more up on his web site). It was great to watch his masterful playing take off in the intense rythmic numbers, and appreciate the deft colouration, the tone pictures.

His introductions, particularly in the longer pieces, such as "“Ship in The Storm"” and "“Nightflight"” allow the audience to travel with him as the music follows the journey. These are interspersed with shorter musical pieces such as "“Money Money Money/If I were a Rich Man"” and "“Sunny Afternoon"” both done with a sense of wry humour which enticed the audience to join in and sing along.

He has added a couple of songs and tunes to the repertoire, the Son House/Robert Johnson song "“Walking Blues"” and "Just a Dream", an amusing blues song using mandolin. Other new stuff were the lovely American Civil War tune "“Ashokan Farewell"” which was segued with "“Land's End"” as a mandolin medley and "Gloomy Sunday", a fine guitar piece - plus an excellent "Classical Gas".

I must admit that the warm ambience of the Merry Muse and the accompanying ambience facilitating beverages (the excellent Polish Zywiec beer and Annie'’s Lane wine) served to enhance the time, and subsequently blurrrrr the memory - oh– details where art thou?? But it was a fine night of great grass roots entertainment. Finally much praise is due to soundman Guy Gibson for a sensitive tuning of the mixing board and the welcoming, down to earth MCing of Bill Arnett.

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