Saturday, February 02, 2008

It has been a busy year and I’m way behind in BLOGs.

Sharaine and Oliver - Mother and Son


Our third grandchild, Oliver Jack McGloin, hereto known as Ollie until he plays up, was born on 31 August 2007. He joins his sister Kaya and his cousin Safia. Sharaine and Brendan had a difficult time coping with the loss of Ollie’s twin, Jesse. Also Ollie was born with three fingers on one hand, however Brendan says it should be no impediment to his footy skills in that Ollie's Great Grandad Jack Bartlett had three fingers on one hand – admittedly the other two were blown off by a grenade but hey – and as a footy player he was no slouch, yes and it should prove no impediment to his guitar playing – gypsy jazz guitarist maestro Django Reinhardt had three fingers on one hand. The little man is a happy contented child, alive and bright and smiley. Here are some great photos, from around 12 days old, courtesy of Poppa Suri, followed by one in the Collingwood footy outfit taken by Sharaine in January 2008.


Trust - 12 days new !!

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